Chromebook liftoff and splashdown

Create shell scripts to configure a Debian-powered Chromebook when it leaves and returns home.

Let's go!

After spending a few months on a used desktop I am back on Jessiebook as my primary computer. I am exploring the idea of taking a cheap(er) and cheerful device like a Chromebook - replacing Chrome OS with full-featured Linux - as a starting point and add/subtract layers of capabilities depending on location and circumstance.

Outward bound...

I created the liftoff script to prepare Chromebook before leaving home that syncs a few working directories to a USB stick for extra offline storage. Online access makes available the services of a Raspberry Pi home server via SSH.

... and return home

Running splashdown folds the Chromebook back into the home network:

  • contents of USB stick are synced with (former desktop converted to headless) server
  • 1TB hard drive on server made available to Chromebook using SSHFS

Chromebook hardware is augmented by:

After 18 months of light-now-daily use I am very happy with my Chromebook. Free software makes modest hardware go a long way.

Happy hacking!

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