Debian _stable_ setup

  Last modified on Sunday 16 July 2017

Debian 9 Stretch

SYNOPSIS [ options ] USER


-h              print details
-b              basic setup (console only)
-p PKG_LIST     install packages from PKG_LIST


Post-install setup of a machine running Debian _stable_ release for (existing) USER 'foo' ...

$ sudo ./ foo

Install packages from 'pkg-list' ...

$ sudo ./ -p pkg-list foo


PROJECT: The Lifecycle of Debian Objects .: Script is ideally run immediately following the first successful boot into your new Debian installation.

Building on a minimal install the system will be configured to track Debian's _stable_ release. A choice of either ...

  1. a basic console setup; or
  2. a more complete setup which includes the i3 tiling window manager plus a packages collection suitable for a workstation; or
  3. install the same list of packages as PKG_LIST

... will be installed.


0. Install program folder on target machine.

1. Copy config.sample to config and (optional) enable settings. All settings are disabled by default.

2. Run program!



Source: linux-post-install/scripts/debian-stable-setup

Happy hacking!

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