Going ... going ... Gandi ... done!

When I discovered Godaddy was a supporter of this SOPA nonsense the hunt was on for a new domain registrar.

Though the company has since reversed its position on the proposed legislation, a bit of investigation gave me a whole crop of new reasons to move elsewhere (try running a search with the terms godaddy elephant killing). I considered several alternatives and finally selected Gandi.net as my new domain registrar.

There were cheaper alternatives but Gandi comes highly recommended and the fact they serve as the registrar for the Electronic Frontier Foundation was a deciding factor for me (I trust the EFF to do their homework and choose reputable vendors). To both Godaddy and Gandi's credit the transfer of circuidipity.com domain was smooth and swift.

Until January 15th 2012 Gandi has pledged to contribute $1 per inbound transfer to the EFF.

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