GRUBS Reanimated USB Boot Stick

  Last modified on Thursday 26 February 2015

GRUBS is a Bash script I created for transforming a USB stick into a dual-purpose device that is both a storage medium usable under Linux, Windows, and Mac OS and a GRUB boot device packing multiple Linux distros.

See for more details: Transform a USB stick into a boot device packing multiple Linux distros

Requires: GRUB2, rsync


0. Download GRUBS, unpack, and copy grubs-master/grubs script to a location in PATH. Example:

$ sudo cp grubs-master/grubs /usr/local/bin

1. Create a folder to hold Linux distro images and grub.cfg. Example:

$ mkdir -p ~/GRUBS/iso
$ cp grubs-master/grub.cfg ~/GRUBS

2. Download Linux distro images and place in ~/GRUBS/iso.

3. Edit sample grub.cfg with entries for the Linux images to be copied to the device. Each distro is a little bit different in the manner its booted by GRUB.

4. Run sudo /path/to/grubs [OPTION] DEVICE. Example: install GRUB and Linux distros to a partition on a USB stick identified as /dev/sde1:

$ sudo /usr/local/bin/grubs -i ~/GRUBS/iso -c ~/GRUBS/grub.cfg sde1

See grubs -h for options.

Reboot, select the USB stick (depends on BIOS) as boot device and GRUB will display a menu of the installed Linux distro images. Reboot again and return to using your USB stick as a regular storage device.

Happy hacking!

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