Network Attached Storage using a Raspberry Pi and SSHFS

  Last modified on Sunday 05 July 2015

PROJECT: Home Server #5 .: Connect a Pi to external USB storage and create a cheap and cheerful NAS device via SSH Filesystem (SSHFS).

With a Pi-attached 1TB hard drive hosting a properly configured SSH server nothing extra is required server-side.

On the client... Install SSHFS and create a mountpoint for the remote filesystem:

$ sudo apt-get install sshfs
$ mkdir ~/NAS

Mount the Pi-hosted remote filesystem (example: ip_address: to the client:

$ sshfs -o idmap=user ~/NAS

Contents of the remote hard drive now appear as local directories and files on the laptop. Data transfer between server and client is SSH-encrypted.

Use fusermount to detach from the remote storage:

$ fusermount -u ~/NAS

Raspberry Pi + SSHFS is no speed demon but its very usable. On my laptop using a wireless LAN connection I am able to run Rhythmbox playing music and videos in VLC remotely hosted on the Pi.

Happy hacking!

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