Neurocomic cover
Neurocomic by Dr. Matteo Farinella and Dr. Hana Ros
(ISBN: 9781907704703)

A wonderful graphic novel sponsored by the Wellcome Trust that takes an expedition through the human brain and where we meet explorers along the way: Santiago Ramón y Cajal and Camillo Golgi in the neural forest, Charles Scott Sherrington and Bernard Katz down in the synaptic control room readying a release of vesicles, paratrooping neurotransmitters, fending off giant squid with Alan Hodgkin and Andrew Huxley, Eric Kandel and Pavlov (not) feeding the dog, Hans Berger atop the mountain, finally pushing on to face our (false?) sense of self in the Castle of Consciousness.

I am really intrigued by Berger's invention of the electroencephalogram in 1924 and what reading the electrical activity of the brain actually represents, and how we could possibly tease more data out of the patterns. It sounds like the kind of affordable and noninvasive (bonus!) tech that lends itself to happy hacking!

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