Volume control and notification

  Last modified on Monday 10 July 2017

PROJECT: $HOME slash bin .: My original intent was to manage sound on Stretchbook by binding the commands to the multimedia keys in ~/.xbindkeysrc. Instead xbindkeys calls a standalone script I created to control PulseAudio volume (and thus useful beyond just xbindkeys).

Let's go!

Script requirements: pactl, pamixer, and volnoti.

0. Pactl

Pactl controls a PulseAudio sound server and is included in pulseaudio-utils ...

$ sudo apt install pulseaudio-utils

1. Pamixer

Pamixer is a PulseAudio console mixer. Compile dependencies ...

$ sudo apt install build-essential libpulse-dev libboost-program-options1.62.0:amd64 libboost-program-options-dev

Download source and compile ...

$ git clone https://cdemoulins@github.com/cdemoulins/pamixer.git
$ cd pamixer
$ make

No make install. Place the resulting pamixer in PATH (I use ~/bin).

2. Volnoti

Volnoti is a lightweight volume notification. More: Compile and install programs in $HOME

3. Script paVolume

I tie all the pieces together with my paVolume shell script and create keycodes to increase/decrease/mute volume in ~/.xbindkeysrc ...

"paVolume -m"
"paVolume -m"
"paVolume -d"
"paVolume -d"
"paVolume -u"
"paVolume -u"

Sources: homebin/paVolume and dotfiles/.xbindkeysrc.chromebook

Happy hacking!

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