Use GTK+ themes with Fluxbox

Pick a theme for Fluxbox that has a compatible GTK+ counterpart and apply a clean consistent look across applications.

I like using the Finery Dark theme. It has a matching GTK theme that can also be used to style QT applications.


Download Finery Dark, untar the package and place the theme folder in ~/.fluxbox/styles (create the styles folder if necessary). Right-click on the Fluxbox desktop and select Styles->Finery Dark.


Download the Finery Dark GTK matching theme, untar the package and place the theme folder in ~/.themes (create folder if necessary).

GTK themes require an engine to run. Download the murrine engine to run Finery Dark and some GUI apps (thanks Dan for suggesting gtk-chtheme) to make switching between themes easier ...

$ sudo apt-get install gtk2-engines gtk2-engines-murrine gtk-chtheme qt4-qtconfig
$ gtk-chtheme

Select your newly-installed Finery Dark theme.


Apply a GTK theme to all your QT4-based applications by running qtconfig. Select the Appearance tab and modify Select GUI Style from Desktop Settings (default) to GTK+.

Done! Looking good Fluxbox (... and GTK ... and QT ...)!

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