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Debian _stable_ setup

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Debian stretch

SYNOPSIS [ options ] USER


    -h              print details
    -b              basic setup (console only)
    -p PKG_LIST     install packages from PKG_LIST


Post-install setup of a machine running Debian stable release for (existing) USER ‘foo’ …

sudo ./ foo

Install packages from ‘pkg-list’ …

sudo ./ -p pkg-list foo


Script is ideally run immediately following the first successful boot into your new Debian installation.

Building on a minimal install the system will be configured to track Debian’s stable release. A choice of either …

1) a basic console setup; or 2) a more complete setup which includes the i3 tiling window manager plus a packages collection suitable for a workstation; or 3) install the same list of packages as PKG_LIST

… will be installed.


0. Install program folder on target machine.

1. Copy config.sample to config and (optional) enable settings. All settings are disabled by default.

2. Run program!



Source: debian-stable-setup

Happy hacking!