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Command line tools: youtube-dl

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Download videos using the command line program youtube-dl from a whole bunch of online video sites. It can also convert videos into audio files (courtesy of ffmpeg).

On Debian, install (ffmpeg requires deb-multimedia) …

sudo apt-get install youtube-dl rtmpdump ffmpeg

Basic usage …


… will download the best quality copy (default) of the specified video hosted on YouTube to the current directory.

To enable audio extraction with a few desirable pre-configured options I create a new youtube-dl-audio alias in ~/.bashrc

alias youtube-dl-audio='youtube-dl $1 --output "$HOME/audio/%(title)s-%(upload_date)s.%(ext)s" --restrict-filenames --extract-audio --audio-format "mp3" --audio-quality "0"'

… using these options …

--output "$HOME/audio/%(title)s-%(upload_date)s.%(ext)s
save file to $HOME/audio/ and rename file using template %(title)s-%(upload_date)s.%(ext)s
removes spaces and non-alphanumeric characters from filename
--extract-audio and --audio-format "mp3"
create an mp3 audio file and delete the video (or add the -k option to save video)
--audio-quality "0"
set a value between 0-9 (lower equals better) for VBR or assign a specific bitrate (default is 5|128K)

Reload the config and extract audio from an online video …

source ~/.bashrc

See man youtube-dl for more possibilities!


I skipped the alterations to .bashrc and created a shell script: yt-audio

🐧 Part of the HOME slash bin project.

Happy hacking!